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Grounds Maintenance Contracting

Professional Ground-Care, for the professionals

Since our inception we have offered a complete grounds 
maintenance service. We strive for one thing above all-
else in our contracting work; the complete satisfaction of 
our customers.

With specialist machinery ranging from Flail Mowers and 
Tractors to Road Sweepers and Industrial Wood Chippers 
we offer a service for every need.

Listed below is a fraction of the works we regularly

Grass Cutting

We undertake grass-cutting jobs with a large selection
of machinery ranging from: Pedestrian Lawnmowers 
and Strimmers, to Sit & Rid, Out-Front Tractors
and Triple Mowers, to heavy duty Industrial Flail Mowers. 
All of which enable us to tackle grassed areas from the 
size of a typical garden to multiple football fields. 

Tree & Shrub Maintenance

A major part of every business is keeping sites looking 
efficient and tidy. We offer many options to keep sites 
looking as pristine as possible, from simply trimming 
hedges and pruning branches from trees; to outright shrub 
removal and tree felling. With tree felling and branch removal 
we also offer multiple disposal methods, including; collection 
from site and chipping (which resolves any issues of 
unsightly fallen trees littering sites). Chipping services can be
undertaken on or off site, and can subsequently be spread
around sites as an environmentally friendly mulch, if required.

Weed Control

Weeds can be a major problem for many industries throughout 
the country. Not only are weeds unsightly for visitors to your 
business, but they can be extremely difficult and time consuming 
to eradicate once they establish a foot-hold. We offer Weed 
Control Services the whole year long to ensure that any problem 
areas, or new outbreaks, are promptly dealt with.

Litter Collection

Litter can be an equally big problem as Weed Control for some sites. 
In some cases it may be a lack of facilities to combat the problem, 
for others it may be thoughtless visitors, for many however, 
it is simply unfortunate site locations, messy neighbors or 
simply the wind carrying rubbish. Whatever the problem  
we frequently visit our sites and collect loose debris from around 
buildings, shrubs, fields and roadsides, ensuring that when we 
leave the site it is as litter free and pleasing to the eye as possible.

Leaf Collection

Leaves can be a major headache, especially for businesses 
and schools. As autumn arrives and leaves begin to litter 
footpaths, the big concern of people slipping and getting hurt 
also arrives (especially with the wet weather that arrives with 
autumn). With our Roadside Sweeper as part of our Debris 
Collection scheme, we regularly collect vast amounts of leaves 
from sites to ensure that the number of slips and trips are as 
few as possible, giving you piece of mind.

Mechanical Sweeping

Included in our Debris Collection scheme we offer a 
Mechanical Sweeping service. We ensure that car parks 
and entranceways stay free of the debris that collects in 
gutters and near Kerbs, making sites look unsightly.

Sign Cleaning

Your sign is an important part of your business - if your customers 
can't find you they're guaranteed to go elsewhere. That's why, 
when on site, we regularly ensure that all relevant signs are as 
clean and tidy as possible, helping you to keep business coming 
your way.

A bit of history...

Over the years we have worked for (and with) some of the
biggest companies in the country, down to small local

Typical jobs that we undertake include tree and grass-cutting 
along canals, sports fields & pitches, complete industrial site 
cleaning and maintenance, and housing estate maintenance.

Our expert grounds maintenance staff have been with us for
many years and offer excellent experience and ability in
ensuring that all jobs, irregardless of size and nature, are
done to the highest possible standard.

Carrying specialist licenses for Chainsaw usage and Weed 
Control, our teams can undertake more tasks, with a higher 
degree of flexibility, than most.

Our staff are kept up-to-date with the latest Health & Safety
topics, and where necessary, are sent on courses to ensure
the maximum level of compliance and understanding.

Our staff are briefed on a "Per-site basis" after all relevant risk
assessments have been carried out. This ensures their safety,
your staff's safety and any members of the public that may
be nearby.

In past years we have been registered with UVDB 
(Utilities Vendor Data Base), this is an association that 
examines and ensures that Health & Safety procedures 
and practices are to the highest standard within companies. 
When satisfied that these benchmarks have been met, a 
company can be registered on their Verify system. 
A system which we annually achieve.

We have recently been assessed and accredited by another
of the countries major leading Health & Safety specialist
companies; Safe Contractor. As with UVDB they ensure that
all areas of Health & Safety within the company are to
the highest possible standards. 

Our area of operation was exclusively the North-West of 
England in previous years, now however, we have a 
dedicated depot in Wrexham that deals solely with grounds 
maintenance, therefore extending our reach of operations out 
into the Midlands and Central Wales.

If you have any queries regarding any of the issues addressed 
on this page, or if you would like a no obligation quote or to 
simply discuss what we could do for you today, please head on 
over to our "Contact Us" section to see how to get in touch.













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